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                      by Lana Skinner

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Does anyone know I exist?

What is my purpose in life?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Do you think I don't have ears to hear you with?


All of us at times struggle with the questions revolving around 'who am I?'


We learn in school about the reproductive system and at first think YUK!

But then we go on to realize that this is really how I began.

Two people come together, rather it be out of LOVE for each other, or a one

night stand, but the result of the consummation is  GUESS WHO -- ME!

How did this happen, we may ask? I didn't think this would happen to ME!

We just got lost in the moment. Oh no, now what am I going to do?


Well, I will hurry down to the store and buy me a pregnancy test, and just PRAY, that I'm not pregnant. Uh, oh, I'm late. Could I really be pregnant? ME! What do I do? If I tell my parents, they will be so disappointed in me, and not only that, I'm letting so many people down that thought 'I was a good little girl' -- how embarrassing. Why does this happen to ME!


I feel all alone in this world right now. Does anyone understand, that I just made a mistake. I didn't mean to go 'all the way'. What am I going to do now? Lord, please help ME!


I'll start by telling the 'baby daddy', and see how he reacts.

Oh, I never expected him to want me to get an abortion. Really. I thought he LOVED ME. Now what?



I'll google 'unexpected pregnancy', and see what happens. Wow! There is abortion -- wow, I could get rid of the baby and no one would ever know. Hum..... That could be an option, but I know it's taking a life, or is it?


Let me read up on that.......  There is also Adoption --huh, I have some friends that are adopted. They seem to be ok. Maybe I will check that out..... And, of course, I can keep my baby and try to raise him all by myself..... hum..... how would I do that. I don't have a job, I'm not even finished with high school yet. There has got to be a place I can go that will give me some advice about my options.



I will look for that on google. Here it is, Planned Parenthood. Oh wow, this is where you get an abortion. I don't know if I can really do that. Wait here is something -- Pregnancy Center -- I'll call them and see what I can do. Oh I hope they can help me. Please dear Lord, I really need some help.


'Hello. Prenancy Resource Center East. How can I help you?'



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