There are a variety of options available to women, with adoption being one of them. Adoption has changed substantially since the early days. Modern progressive adoption is 100% voluntary where birth parents make a personal adoption plan, select the family and directly place their baby for adoption with a family they personally select.


There are varying degrees of openness in adoption. You should choose what feels right to you and your situation. Regardless of the amount of openness you choose, the glue that binds adoptive parent(s) and expectant mothers together is the opportunity for two families to join forces for the good of a child who will only benefit from the unconditional love provided by both families.

Take a look at some common concerns and questions. There are also some great sites for birth mothers and adoptive mothersto find support or for pregnant women to ask questions about adoption. Check out these resources on adoption, including steps to take and things for the birthmother to consider while planning the adoption. 

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