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considering ABORTION?



Finally, we come to the option of abortion. If you are considering having an abortion, then you need to know your legal rights (according to state and federal law) and understand the different procedures and their possible complications. The State of Texas has published A Woman's Right to Know Booklet. to help you understand even more.

Pregnancy Resource Center East provides a pregnancy test with a positive or negative verification and a free ultrasound, which will determine how far along you are. During your session with us, you can learn more information of your options. 


During your consultation, be sure to go through a health and safety checklist with someone who can explain everything to you. Especially on the following points:


  • Be absolutely certain that you are pregnant before you make an appointment for an abortion. Things other than pregnancy may delay your menstrual period. 


  • Understand that an abortion may involve taking potent medications or having surgery. The techniques used may impact your health and well-being. You have the right to receive accurate information before you proceed with the abortion. 


  • Have the doctor explain the technique that he or she recommends to you.  Then research that method and understand all that is involved. Know and understand the physical health risks associated with the abortion technique that is recommended to you. The immediate and long-term effects should be explained to your level of understanding. 


  • Be sure to tell someone that you are going to have an abortion. There can be complications from an abortion procedure.


  • Don't keep it a secret.

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