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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be experiencing strong feelings of fear, confusion and anger. You may be wondering what you are going to do. Perhaps there are well-meaning people in your life giving you advice - some good, some not-so-good. 


You need to take some time and sort things out. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard, but there are positive options. You must remember that your decision will affect several lives, not just your own. We want to help you understand all your options so you can make an informed decision. The Pregnancy Resource Center is here to help you through this difficult, confusing time.


Take the time to think things through. Investigate all options. Make an informed decision. Do what is best for you, and your baby.


To help you sort things out, we have some basic questions to ask you. 




So, you think you may be pregnant.




First of all, are you sure you're pregnant?


As a woman, there are many stages that your body goes through during your lifetime. At each of these stages, your body chemistry (mainly your hormones) changes. Sometimes those changes can be hardly noticeable, but sometimes they are life-changing. They can cause mood swings, mental/emotional issues and health issues. 




There are several conditions/ situations that could cause pregnancy-related symptoms like missed periods, weight gain, nausea, etc.:



  • puberty


  • stress


  • medications/drugs


  • eating disorders/extreme weight gain or loss


  • hormonal imbalances


  • menopause 





If you're not sure whether you are pregnant or not, you should have a pregnancy test.


Our Center offers FREE, CONFIDENTIAL self-administered pregnancy tests  5 days a week

Signs of Pregnancy:


  • missed period


  • nausea and vomiting


  • breast tenderness


  • frequent urination


  • feeling tired


  • mood swings



Read about more early pregnancy signs........



If your pregnancy test is negative, you probably still need to see your doctor to assess your health and determine the cause of your symptoms. 

If your test is positive, you should visit an appropriate health care provider, like an OB/GYN. Your doctor may request an ultrasound exam to confirm the status of your pregnancy. This information is important whether you are considering abortion or continuing with your pregnancy. It is also part of the client advocate counseling you can receive at the Pregnancy Resource Center East.

*** PRCE does not perform nor refer for abortions.


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