As you explore parenting you will need to think about a few things.


  • Where will my child and I live?

  • Do I have someone who will help me care for my child or will I be a single parent?

  • Can I receive any financial support from my baby's father?

  • Who will care for my child while I am working or in school?

Things to Consider



You also need to think about how you will provide the following:


  • Housing and expenses that go along with housing such as power, water, etc.

  • Food

  • Child care (if you must work to support yourself and your child)

  • Transportation (a vehicle, gas, and insurance or public transportation)

  • Baby clothing and diapers

  • Formula and bottles

  • Baby furniture, crib, and other baby necessities

  • Doctor's bills for well-baby check-ups and for illnesses

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(Pregnancy Resource Center East can help you for the first year with many of the baby items that you will need while you attend parenting classes)

Can I still choose adoption later if parenting doesn't work out?

If single parenting becomes too difficult and you decide to consider adoption, adoption is still an option. It takes courage to realize that by yourself you cannot provide all that your child needs. Separating from a child with whom you have bonded can be difficult. Pregnancy Resource Center East will be happy to give you information about several adoption agencies in your area that can help you.


I'm not sure I will be a good parent.

Parenting can be a struggle at any age no matter what the circumstances. Pregnancy Resource Center East offers parenting classes that will help you in all areas of home care and baby management. Realize that we are there to help you and want you to become the best parent possible.

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