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Abortion Recovery:


  • After Abortion - A website that offers a non-political, non-biased platform for women and men to work through the restoration process after abortion.


  • Hope after Abortion - Resources for helping men and women who are trying to deal with past abortions. 











  • 123adoption - another comprehensive site on adoption



  • - excellent site on adoption, with checklists to help you find right option for you














Just for the Guys:


  • Forgotten Fathers -  article on the effect of abortion on the father of the child




Pregnancy +:



  • Teen Breaks - What Happens From Conception To Birth?








  • Drugwatch - Alternative Methods of Delivery

Sex Issues:






All Options:



  • Ramah International - info on pregnancy, abortion and post-abortion; find a pregnancy care center nearby


  • Crisis Pregnancy  - great site with lots of info on pregnancy, abortion, and adoption


  • OptionLine - help with all aspects of unplanned pregnancy; for teens and adults





  • 2-1-1 Texas: A Site to search for resource helps in Texas

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