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•  Abortions may only be performed by physicians licensed by the state of Texas.


•  Abortion of a fetus 16 weeks or more is allowed only at a licensed ambulatory surgical center or hospital.


•  Abortion of a fetus in the third trimester (over 26 weeks) is prohibited except:

     o  in cases where the fetus is removed to increase his/her chance for survival, 

     o  to remove a dead fetus, or

     o  when deemed necessary to prevent the death or substantial risk of serious      

         impairment of the woman.


•  Abortions must be on a voluntary basis. No one can be forced to have an abortion.

Patient's Rights


If you are considering an abortion in Texas, 

this is a summary of your legal rights according to the 

Woman’s Right to Know Act

•  The woman having the abortion must be informed of:

     o  the name of the physician performing the abortion,


     o  the medical risks associated with abortion, including:

            risk of infection,

            risk of hemorrhage,

            potential danger to future pregnancies,

            potential danger of future infertility,

            possibility of increased risk of breast cancer,


     o  natural protective effect of completed pregnancy in avoiding breast cancer,

     o  the probable age of the fetus at time of abortion,


     o  the medical risks of carrying the child to term,


     o  medical benefits that may be available for prenatal, childbirth and neonatal health care,


     o  the father’s liability for support, whether or not he offered to pay for the abortion


     o  public and private agencies who provide pregnancy prevention counseling and medical assistance


     o  public and private agencies who offer alternatives to abortion.

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•  The woman having the abortion has the right to review printed information  provided by the Texas Department of Health. 

     o  The physician must provide a printed copy at least 24 hours before the abortion is scheduled.


     o  The physician can mail the material as long as it is received at least 72 hours before the abortion is scheduled.


     o  The woman can choose to view the material on the Texas Department of State Health services website instead of receiving printed material


     o  The woman must certify in writing, before the abortion, that the information was provided and she had at least 24 hours to review it.


•  If the woman is a minor, a parent or guardian must be notified of the abortionunless a judge waives notification.

To access the Texas Department of State Health Services website to find out more about your legal rights on your own, click here>>>

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