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Unplanned Pregnancy


She is weighing her options. But you also have a choice to make. What are your responsibilities? How should you help? You have a lot to think about.


An unintended pregnancy involves challenging decisions that affect you and those close to you for the rest of your life. 


As a guy who is the father of this baby, you are not only involved, but you will be affected by the decisions that are before you.


At Pregnancy Resource Center East, men are welcome to take part in our programs and to receive information concerning their options. Pregnancy Centers are not just for women. Our services can include you. 


We recognize that each situation and each individual are unique and we are committed to empowering you to make positive choices. 

To help you sort things out, and to figure out how we can best help you, take a look at the following questions:


Pregnancy Resource Center East

is here to help you through this difficult, confusing time.

Pregnancy Resource Center East provides free, confidential self-administered pregnancy tests.


You can schedule an appointment to have a pregnancy test then talk with a client advocate to discuss all of the facts concerning your options. She will explain the ways that we can help you both.

We also offer a free ultrasound.

Testing hours

Map to the PRCE

The Pregnancy Calculator

Men's Do's & Don'ts

Are you sure?

Considering Abortion?

for him...

Considering Adoption?

We want you to make an informed decision. 

Click on a topic below to learn more.


Adoption FAQ's

Courageous Options: Rights, Steps to Take...

Choosing Adoption

Considering Parenting?

We can help you both. 

Our Hope Program is open to fathers. It offers:

  • classes in pre-natal, parenting, nutrition & other life skills until the baby is 1 yr old

  • maternity items

  • baby items

  • counseling support

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